With experts such as the ones found at the rim repair dubai, it is possible for the damage found on your rim to be analyzed, and you will be told if it is possible for it to be fixed or you need a new replacement. It will be done after the following has been analyzed:

How serious is your bent rim?
Even a small bent in your rim could cause severe troubles for your vehicle if you don’t repair it. The changes in the vibration and the patterns of driving while on the road might cause the vehicle axle to have issues, tire damage, driveshaft disrupt, and many more issues.
You will find such damages to be more costly as compared to repairing your bent rim. Once you get to know that the structure of your wheel has issues, you must take it for professional service as soon as possible.
Can you fix a bent rim?
After you discover that you have a bent rim, you might be wondering if it can be fixed. In most cases, it is possible as long as you use a professional expert who will be able to restore the shape of your rim. But if you have the rim that is seriously damaged, you might need to replace it entirely. The good thing is that most of the issues with the rim are minor, and thus you can take it for repair.
What of rim scratches?
Scratches, scuffs, and a variety of marks tend to be visible on the tire rims. If your tire structural integrity is intact, then the chances are that the rim will be scratched instead of bent. Though the scratches might be aesthetically inconvenient, they don’t have to cause any issues with your patterns when driving, and thus, you might ignore going to repair the scratches. If you are not sure if your rim has a scratch or a bent, then take it for a consultation to be done by an expert.