Best Ways to Remove Adult Content From One’s Computer

Planning to sell your old phone or computer? Well, do not forget that your computer has a lot of your dirty secrets, such as carefully indexed porn or adult stash. People often hurry to make quick money from their old or broken laptops, forget to Remove adult content from their computers, and end up in some serious or extremely embarrassing situations. So, here are some ways to make sure that your computer is spick and span before you give it away.

Erase the browser history:
This is the easiest way to cover your online tracks, but you will be surprised to know that many people do not bother to do this when they give away their laptops or desktop computers. The browser history contains the porn or adult content you enjoyed last night and your email ids and passwords for the social media accounts. Therefore, make sure to thoroughly check all the internet browsers and clear the history completely.

Open DNS:
This is a method commonly used by all workplaces and academic institutions to filter the adult content. One needs to create an account by using the required internet setting. Using the IP address as the domain server name, one can easily access or remove or filter the content streamed on the Internet.

Wipe your drive clean:
The data is stored magnetically in the hard drive to use the degaussing machine to clean the hard drive. One can also use a welder’s magnet to erase the data by passing it over the drive a few times in the same direction.

Several free applications are available that can do the job for free for you. However, using these free applications are not 100 percent effective.

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